a real 16-bit style Metroidvania with an unique dual hero scheme!


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"…a game that lives up to the full potential of this genre for a new generation of gamers.”

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  • Deeply crafted Metroidvania gameplay
  • Unique dual-hero scheme with local Co-Op support
  • Epic boss battles & believable enemy AIs
  • Catching narrative and characters
  • Parkour-like platforming @ 60 FPS
  • Hand crafted 16-bit style art with pixel-perfect support

for your native display resolution

  • Xbox 360 gamepad & full generic controller support
  • Authentic soundtrack, HQ FX & soundscapes
  • Realistic accelerations & object movements

driven by a hybrid physics engine

  • LOTS of gear, puzzles & Easter eggs

Setting & Core mechanics


OUTBUDDIES is an innovative 16-bit style Metroidvania with a dual-hero scheme. Explore an immersive sunken world full of secrets and danger inspired by ancient Maya mythology and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft & Jules Verne!


Our main protagonist is John, a young adventurer and marine biologist. After a shipwreck, you wake up 36.000 feet under the sea in an unknown hostile cave system. You´re severely wounded and attached to an external life support droid called Buddy. Buddy can be controlled using your will to manipulate and scan your surroundings using a special emoji and symbol-based interface!

Platforms & Timeline


OUTBUDDIES is developed for Windows PC using the Fusion game engine. I also go for a Steam release (the game is not on Greenlight yet!). There are porting options to other platforms (Mac, Linux, consoles & handhelds), if the PC version is well received, but I would need help and and funding for that. I aim for a PC release in Q2/2018.

About me


My name is Julian, I´m an independent game developer located in Cologne, Germany. I´ve been doing prototypes since I was a 12 years old boy and was deeply affected by classics like Metroid, Mega Man, Castlevania and Gunstar Heroes. In 2013 I cut back on my daytime job and started my first commercial project. At the moment the project is self funded, but I consider a crowdfunding campaign for 2017 to push this over the finish line and get me some help! Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter!

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Copyright: Julian Laufer, 2013 - 2016, Cologne, Germany


Cover art by my brother Tobias

(visit TeeAl@DeviantArt)


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Last content update: Jan 2017

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